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“There are only two kinds of companies registered to sell to the government”

Your company is one of the 625,000 companies who have never won a contract

If you are not winning contracts you are simply responding to U.S. government bid opportunities. This methodology does not win contracts.

In order to sell to the U.S. government you must treat the government prospect as you would a commercial prospect. You must know- dollars spent on the contract in the past- who has it now- timing on going after the perfect opportunity- possible teaming partners- Government contracting officer contact- contract number- dates of renewal- technical data- forecasted expenditures- prime contractor contacts for all companies and much more.

Your company is an existing contractor who has sold into the Government marketplace
and is looking for a company who has all the research data you require to become more successful:

Expiring contracts for the next five years- databases of; contracting officers- teaming- agency profiles of expenditures- daily solicitations from all Military, Federal as well as State and local, B2B data, organization charts and much more- less expensive than your current supplier and the data provides all the answers in winning more contracts. We guarantee you will be satisfied or no charge-


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Proxity is the only SINGLE SOURCE from the three U.S. Market arenas: Military Small Purchase, Federal Contracts, State and Local Data.
Site Disclaimer: system provides data derived from Government Sources and does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the data provided from these public sources.