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Federal Supply Group (FSG) #59: Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components

Cable, Cord, and Wire Assemblies $4,453,427.61
Switches $3,177,440.35
Antennas, Waveguides, and Related Equipment $3,018,895.06
Electrical and Electronic assemblies, Boards, Cards, and Associated Hardware $2,899,562.03
Connectors, Electrical $2,848,827.52
Relays and Solenoids $1,385,339.88
Lugs, Terminals, and Terminal Strips $1,110,882.49
Headsets, Handsets, Microphones and Speakers $1,097,167.69
Resistors $987,409.94
Electrical Hardware and Supplies $949,633.31
Miscellaneous Electrical and Electronic Components $797,440.46
Coils and Transformers $781,827.97
Circuit Breakers $775,104.03
Electrical Contact Brushes and Electrodes $501,802.76
Filters and Networks $452,434.74
Electrical Insulators and Insulating Materials $450,947.98
Semiconductor Devices and Associated Hardware $345,617.99
Fuses, Arrestors, Absorbers, and Protectors $291,466.66
Electron Tubes and Associated Hardware $242,196.66
Microcircuits, Electronic material substrate; $224,982.66
Capacitors $133,678.56
Electronic Modules $87,312.00
Synchros and Resolvers $82,650.49
Oscillators and Piezoelectric Crystals $70,691.60
Optoelectronic Devices and Associated Hardware $28,463.06
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